Fourth Grade

Students with Backpacks with Arms around Each Other

We are excited to meet and get to know your fourth grader this year. We will be working with your child in reading, writing, spelling, math, science, and social studies. Ms. Mitchell will teach the math and science, while Ms. Cantrell will teach the Language Arts and Social Studies. We look forward to working with your child both academically and socially. Our goal is that as a team (parents, child, and teacher), we prepare each child for future success by providing the academic, social, and organizational skills he/she will need to be successful in fifth grade and beyond! In math, students will start the year revisiting their multiplication facts as they will need them all year long. By May, they will be dividing like a pro! In Language Arts, students will further develop their skills in listening and speaking as well as sharing their ideas through narrative, opinion, and informational writing. Your child will have the opportunity to work independently and collaborate with others in whole group and small groups. We’re looking forward to a great year!

Jennifer Rozean, Fourth Grade Teacher

Mrs. Rozean 4th Grade Welcome Video

HannahCockerill, Fourth Grade Teacher

Ms Cockerill 4th Grade Welcome Video