About Us

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  • Develop Talents beyond the classroom through these extracurricular opportunities: after school academic program, math, STEM, and writing clubs
  • Promote Fine Arts through Flying Fingers, Recorder Club, and Voices in Flight
  • Support emotional and social skills through Olweus Bully Prevention, Second Step, Safe and Civil Schools, Deployment Group, Class Meetings, class bonding activities, and weekly recognition of students who follow the guidelines
  • Develop the whole child through these traditions: Thanksgiving Banquet, Giving Tree, Read Night, Pizza Bingo, Family Valentine Dance, WINGS Barbecue, Accelerated Reader Game Day and Bowling
  • Teachers maintain data sheets including baseline, quarterly, and unit reading and math information. Data reflection occurs by administration, MTSS Team, and Collegial Groups. Teaching focus and Professional Development is then determined.

School Improvement Goals

Reading: To increase students’ reading comprehension with the use of graphic organizers. To increase students’ reading comprehension with the use of SQ3R. (Survey, Question, Read, Recite, and Review)

Math: To increase students’ math scores with the use of the 4 Step Problem Solving Model.

Writing: To improve students’ written responses with the use of TAGS. (Turn prompt around, Answer the questions, Give support Details, Sense?)

Site Council

Meetings: September 12, October 3, November 21, January 23, February 27, April 10
Members: Steve Hunt, Keith Egan, Veronica Handy, Susan Pender, Clark Peters, Karen Malec, Kathy Tucker, Julia Goggins, and Susan Kamphaus
Topics: School activities, test scores, professional development, trends, curriculum, technology, extracurricular opportunities, class projects, budget, new addition.

Web Resources

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