Nurse Note: Exercise

Hello Eisenhower Eagles,

Hope you had a great weekend! This week’s note is how being active and exercising keeps you healthy. Exercise helps our brain reorganize so we can think clearer, handle stress better and be more energetic. It also strengthens our heart, which is a muscle, and keeps our arteries and veins clear by reducing harmful cholesterol and fat in the blood. Regular exercise strengthens our lungs, can help reduce blood sugar levels, helps control weight and strengthens our bones. Exercise can help you sleep better at night, so you are more alert during the day. Remember having a routine that involves exercise, regular meals, and healthy amounts of sleep can help decrease our worries. So, try to exercise every day; play outside, bike, hike, play soccer/basketball, yoga, etc. Please remember to checkout your PE activities every day on schoology.

Miss you all!

K-1 Exercise:

Benefits of Exercise:

2-5 54 Seconds:

Benefits of Exercise: