5th Grade Classes Visit Milford Nature Center.

Students working on an art project

By: 5th Grade Students

Have you ever been to Milford Lake?  Both of our fifth grade classes spent the day there on Tuesday, April 9.  The experience was amazing!   Let me tell you what we did!  First, we went fishing by the lake. Some of our classmates even caught some fish! 

 Our classes also went to the fish hatchery and saw baby fish & koi. (We fed the koi too). The baby fish (also called fry) looked like tiny specs of pepper with a tiny tail.  With a partner we got to measure and weigh some little fish. They were really wet and slippery.

During our time there we got to enjoy building our own imaginary birds from cotton balls, feathers, sticks, string, ribbon, flowers, plastic eggs, and other items.  In the end the birds looked a little wonky.  It didn’t matter because we had so much fun!!

Our last activity was enjoying a game of “Oh Deer!” and a game about prey and predators.  We had to do A LOT of running!s

Going to Milford was a great experience for everyone.  I think we’ll all remember this cool trip.