February Calendar and Newsletter

Picture of February NewsletterVOICE OF THE EAGLE
Amy Roether, Principal
785 717-4340
– No School: Feb. 18 Professional Development Day K-12
Kids Heart Challenge – 2/1-2/15 2019. The kick-off assembly is 2/1/19 at 2:15pm. This is a fun
and exciting event where your student learns about their heart while helping others and raising
money for the American Heart Association. The Kids Heart Challenge prepares your child for
success through physical and emotional well-being.
Parent Teacher Conference Scheduling – The office will begin calling parents who have
siblings in school in order to get them as close together as possible. If you have a specific
request for a conference time, please contact the office at 785-717-4340 by February 6th and
we will try to accommodate your request. Remember, once siblings are scheduled, it becomes
difficult to change times while keeping the conferences back-to-back.
Attendance – Your child’s attendance at school is crucial in their learning. While we know there
are times when a student must be absent or even tardy, this should seldom occur. For the
remainder of the school year, we will be working to reduce the number of absences (excused
and unexcused) and tardies that occur at Eisenhower by graphing our daily totals near the
entrance of the school. We ask that you support our efforts by ensuring that your child is
here on time each day, ready to learn. Thank you in advance for your help with this!
Classroom Valentine Parties – Each classroom will have a Valentine Party on Thursday, Feb.
14th beginning at 2;15pm. Students will have refreshments and exchange Valentine cards with
their classmates. Be sure to send enough cards for each student in your child’s class. Please
contact your classroom teacher if you have questions about bringing snacks/treats.
Let’s Dance! – Join the fun on Friday, February 8th at the annual Eisenhower PTA Family
Valentine Dance. The party begins at 6:00pm and will end at 7:45pm. Refreshments will be
provided, and a disc jockey will play tunes. Children may not be dropped off alone; each
student must be accompanied by an adult for the entirety of the dance.
Cold Weather – Please note that with colder temperatures, it is necessary to send your child(ren)
to school with coats, hats and gloves. If the temperature falls below 28 degrees, it is likely we will
have indoor lunch recess. Determination for indoor lunch recess is made by the school staff who
take into consideration the wind chill temperature. Students will have the opportunity to play in the gym when
we have indoor recess. Indoor recess expectations should be followed. We appreciate your support as we continually provide safe (and warm!) environments for our children to learn in!Picture of February Calendar. See calendar on website for details.