May eNewsletter

***NO SCHOOL*** Monday, May 7th Grades K-12th Professional Development day

***NO SCHOOL*** Friday, May 18th, Grades K-5th  Elementary Plan Day


Our school year is quickly coming to a close, which means we are recruiting parents who would like to serve on our PTA Board for the 2018-2019 school year. If you are interested in being on the  PTA Board, please contact Amy Harvey at the school.  The board meets one evening a month to plan the fun activities for the students…and then of course carrying out those activities.  Please think about helping.

CONCERT NEWS:  Mrs. Ballard and Ms. Priest want to offer congratulations to the Kindergarten and First Grade students on a wonderful performance.

“You worked so hard to learn the songs, instruments and movements, congratulations on a job well done!”

Second item: Mrs. Ballard asks if any Fathers or Grandfathers have any ties they would be willing to donate to the music classroom, they need them for their folk dance session.  Also, they need pictures of animals: pets, wild animals,water creatures, birds, etc.  If you have any books or magazines, or old calendars they will be willing to cut them out.

EISENHOWER EAGLE DAY:  The annual “track and field” day called “Eagle Day” will take place Thursday, May 17th.  This will be a day of “fun and sun” here on the school

grounds.  Volunteers are always welcome, but we must ask that you don’t bring siblings

we need your full attention on the Eisenhower students.   Also we can’t allow pets on

this particular day, there is just too much activity.  The Eagle Day shirts will be here

ready to be put on.  If your student purchased a shirt, they will receive it at the beginning of activities for Eagle Day. We have learned that if we hand them out ahead of time, sometimes our students forget to wear them..they will wear them home at the end of the day. Each class will wear a different color shirt, so our playground will look like a beautiful rainbow.

 ENROLLMENT FOR  2018-2019 SCHOOL YEAR:  Open enrollment for the new

school year, will take place at the school, the first week of August.  Of course you are always welcome to, and encouraged to go to the district web site and enroll.  If you are paying school fees or lunch money you may come to the school, and as has been the case in the last few years, you may certainly go online to pay. **** Remember ..if your student is a “returning student” do not enroll them as a “new student”, please! ****

“Kindergarten Round-up” has been held, and we need to remind you, if your child is going

to start kindergarten, they must be 5 years old by August 31st.  You must bring the birth

certificate, shot records and a copy of their physical (if they are 8 years old or younger)  to the school, so we can make a copy of them for the student’s records folder.

IMPORTANT PACKETS:  Each student has brought home a packet which is asking

if your student is returning to Eisenhower, and if not where will they be enrolling for

the coming year.  If you have not completed these packets and returned them to the school office, please do so right away so determinations can be made on numbers of

students and classroom sizes. These packets are for grades K-4th.   Our fifth graders

will, of course, be moving on to the middle school.

HAPPY SUMMER: The end of this school year is here…Thursday, May 24th will be the final day of school and this will be a full day!   Breakfast and lunch will be served just as on any normal day.

The Eisenhower Staff wishes all our students and their families

a fun-filled summer.  If you are taking trips to see grandmother

and grandfather, or to see some parts of our wonderful country

you might have never seen before…have a great time!  Do all the fun things young people do in the “good old summertime”..  swim….ride your bikes…play outside…don’t just sit in the house and waste your days.  Go to the library and get a good book, so if you do spend some time in the house, you will have a book to read. Summer will go by quickly.

See you back at school in August!

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