February eNewsletter

***NO SCHOOL, MONDAY, FEBUARY 12TH, Professional Development Day

A BLUE MOON AND A GROUND HOG: Two very interesting fun things are going to be

happening right away:   First – on January 31st we will have a “Blue-Blood Moon.”  The last time this particular phenomenon occurred was 1866 and Andrew Johnson was our president – 152 years ago. The earth will pass between the moon and the sun, which will cause the moon to have a reddish tint, hence the” blood moon” name. When we have a “full moon” two times in one month it is called a “blue moon”. This combined with the “blood moon” is what makes this such a rarity. So check the sky on January 31st.

Second – Friday, February 2nd is “Groundhog Day”……. and the big question always is

“will he or won’t he” see his shadow.  If he sees his shadow it supposedly will frighten him and he will run back into his home and we will have six more weeks of winter.  So evidently we are all supposed to hope for a cloudy day, so he won’t see his shadow!

DANCING THE NIGHT AWAY :  Valentine Day is coming this month and to coincide with that special day, the Eisenhower PTA is sponsoring our annual Family Valentine Dance on Thursday evening, February 15th from 6:00 to 7:45 PM.  There will be a disc jockey to spin the tunes…prizes for each grade level and refreshments.  At the end of the evening will be the “great balloon drop”.  *** As always we must emphasize, each student must be accompanied by an adult!  The adult can not just drop them at the door and come back later,….the adult must stay for the evening***.  So Mom and Dad practice up on your moves, come to school and spend a fun evening with your student.

MUSIC/PE PERFORMANCES:  On February 8th , Eisenhower Elementary’s Second and Third graders will perform beginning @ 6:30 PM in our new Gym.  Please remember to exhibit appropriate concert audience behavior and support your  student along with all their classmates.  It will be time well spent.

RED WHEEL SALES:  Many of you will remember one of the Eisenhower PTA’s most successful fund raisers was Red Wheel Sales…well we are doing it this year.  This is a sales company where your student may take orders from friends or family members or parents, to order pizzas or dessert pies…tacos or pretzels…many, many yummy items and they are all good, and reasonably priced. Sales will begin on February 27th and more information and order catalogs will come home before that date.

Our PTA supports many activities for our students all year long…remember the Color Dash last fall,(which will be repeated) the Evening with the Eagles we just had, and the Valentine Dance Coming up….all of these things are made possible with the help of our generous PTA.  Please support all their fund raising projects.

CLASSROOM VALENTINE PARTIES:  Each classroom will have a Valentine Party on Wednesday, February 14th beginning @ 2:15 PM.  The students will have refreshments and be able to give their classmates Valentine cards and little treats.  Please remember as you and your students are filling out cards, have enough so each student in the classroom receives, and no one is left out.  Also if you are sending treats, such as cupcakes or cookies, there are restrictions on nuts and nut products due to some students having allergies.  If you have questions please contact your classroom teacher.

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