Eisenhower Celebrates AR Goals

Students Playing Trouble

Students at Eisenhower Elementary celebrated meeting their AR goals on January 5, 2018. AR stands for Accelerated Reader. This is a program that encourages children to practice and hone their reading capabilities by testing their knowledge over the material that they have chosen to read. Accelerated Reader (AR) is software for K-12 schools for monitoring the practice of reading. It was created by Renaissance Learning, Inc. There are two versions: a desktop version and a web-based version in Renaissance Place, the company’s online portal.

Eisenhower Elementary hosted a game day to celebrate the students meeting their AR goals. Those students that met their goals could bring board games from home to play, or play games that were furnished by the school. Games included Battleship, Connect Four, Life, Bingo, and many more. It was also slipper spirit day! The students enjoyed time away from studies to socialize and play games earned by the hard work they had put in testing in Accelerated Reader!