January eNewsletter

NOTE FROM MRS.BALLARD: Congratulations to the Eisenhower 4th and 5th grade students and to members of the “Voices in Flight Chorus” on an excellent Music and Physical Education program! You worked very hard and you shinned during the performances. Thank you to the parents of these students for supporting your children by your attendance at the program. This was a very enjoyable concert as you modeled appropriate concert audience etiquette.
Thank You! Mrs. Ballard and Ms. Priest.

AR GAME DAY:  As an explanation for AR…this is” The Accelerated Reading Program.”

Each quarter all students meet with their teacher and set a reading goal for how

many books they will read. This is always a realistic goal based on their ability, and as they finish each book, the student will take a computerized test over the book, based on their understanding of the material and fluency of reading.  If they complete their goal for the quarter, they will receive a reward.   Each year following the holiday break there is an “AR Game Day”. Students who have met their most recent goal, meet together and relax and play games with their friends and fellow students.  We do this after the holiday because often times they receive games as gifts. The games are what are called “board games” as opposed to many of the electronic games, because board games are easy to share with friends. This year the AR Game Day will be Friday, January 5th.  Students will wear socks and play games for a fun, relaxing afternoon.

EVENING WITH EAGLES: Friday, January 19, 2018 will be a “new evening of fun” at Eisenhower.  This event will be for 3rd, 4th and 5th grades.  It is also pajama day at Eisenhower, so this will tie in with the evening’s festivities.  It will begin at 6:00 PM and run until 10:00 PM, with educational and fun activities based on the evening’s theme: “Dreaming Big, Achieving Big with a Space Focus”.Permission Slips and guidelines for the evening will be sent home after the holidays.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KANSAS:  Our beautiful State of Kansas entered the Union on

January 29th, 1861, so we will celebrate it’s 157th birthday with our Kansas Day

Activities on Friday, January 26th.  We are calling our celebration this year “Home on the Range” which is our “State Song”.  Kansas was the 34th state added to the Union and so the 34th Star added

to our national flag.  Our State Bird is the Meadowlark, the State Flower is the Sunflower and the State Tree is the Cottonwood.  Eisenhower students will have a fun filled morning and then enjoy a campfire type lunch.  We encourage everyone to dress in 1800’s type outfits, i.e. cowboy/cowgirl attire, Native American, even Wizzard of Oz costumes.  It will be a fun day wishing Kansas a happy birthday!

NEW LUNCH HOUR TIMES:  Because we will have our new gym ready to go

when we return from holiday break, we need to let you know our lunch times will change

a little.  Many parents come to eat lunch with their students and we encourage you to

come.  Your student will be very proud to have you there.  Here is the new lunchtime


Kindergarten      11:10 AM

Second grade     11:20 AM

First grade        11:35 AM

Third grade       11:50 AM

Fourth grade      12:05 AM

Fifth grade       12:20 PM

We are all very excited to have this wonderful new gym and to have a dedicated

lunchroom/breakfast room.

While we are on the subject of meals, once again we must notify parents we do serve breakfast each morning beginning at 7:30 AM. We finish serving at 7:50 AM and the first bell rings at 7:55 AM.  In this way if a student is here beginning at 7:30 they will  have approximately twenty to twenty-five minutes to eat and be ready for the first bell.

We do not serve students who arrive after 7:50 because they will not have time to get their food, and be seated to start eating before the bell will ring.  If your student is late they will be turned away from breakfast.  Thank you for understanding.

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