December eNewsletter

Early Christmas PresentĀ The students and staff of Eisenhower will receive their first Christmas present when we have the ribbon cutting ceremony for our new gym on December 5th. No longer will we have a “gyma-cafa-torium” to deal with, and we are so excited! The new gym is a state-of-the art, up to date area with lots of room and a real stage for us to use for programs and plenty of room to spread out, especially for all Ms. Priest’s PE classes.

Giving Tree Continuing in the gifting thought, Eisenhower will host it’s Annual Giving Tree project. Our students and staff, with their generous spirits, donate canned goods, non-perishable food items and new or nearly new toys to be distributed to local organizations i.e. Salvation Army, Wheels of Hope and the Geary County Food Pantry. These organizations will see that families in need, in the Junction City area, are given items to help in their Christmas celebrations. Start bringing your donations on December 6th and 7th. The assembly will be December 8th when the items will be collected and turned in. We thank you in advance your continued support in helping those less fortunate.

PE/Music Program The 4th and 5th grades will present their programs on the evening of December 7th starting at 6:30 PM. The program will be under the direction of Ms. Kelly Priest and Ms. Kelly Ballard. We ask when you come to the program, please plan to stay for the entire evening. The students and teachers have put a lot of work into the program, and if several audience members leave in the middle of the presentation it is very disturbing for those on stage. We are sure you will enjoy the entire program, so come and have an interesting and entertaining evening away from the TV set.

Tooth CareĀ Mrs. Daniels, our school nurse, advises dental screenings will be done on December 18th. If your child has a dental problem, Mrs. Daniels will notify you on what needs to bbe done or what other appointments are needed.

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