Writing on the Wall

Eisenhower students signing wall

Dear Students of the Future,

We are excited at Eisenhower Elementary because a new gymnasium is being built for us and for students’ years to come.  It will include a stage and it will be a safe place for us to be if there is a storm.  Having a FEMA shelter is important.

Today the current students and staff were able to “Write on the Wall”.  This was exciting because using markers and writing on walls is not something we do. The area we wrote on was a special area so that you, students in the future, might see it someday.  We wanted you to know we are a family at Eisenhower.  We included our motto that you can always use I Believe in Myself, I can Succeed.  We know hard work pays off and if we try, we can achieve.  We also wanted to share our mottoes for staying off drugs and not being a bully.

We hope you enjoy reading the wall someday and that you too will believe in yourself, stay off drugs and be kind to others.


Susan M. Kamphaus, Principal and the Students and Staff of Eisenhower

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